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In her funny and emotional autobiographical solo show, Marilla Wex recounts growing up in England, attending theatre school and navigating a maze of relationships, marriages and affairs that led her to emigrate to Canada.

A strong writer and performer, Wex finds the humour in even the darkest moments of her story: losing her faith, dealing with depression and disappointment. Honest and brave, she holds nothing back, revealing doubts, neurotic worries and little bursts of joy. By saga’s end, the potential for tears is high, so pack Kleenex!

Jordan Bimm

Reviewer, NOW Magazine

Photo by director Lara Johnson

Marilla Wex in Lost and Found at the Toronto Fringe

Lost and Found: how a Protestant girl from Warwickshire ended up keeping a kosher kitchen in Toronto is an autobiographical solo theatre tour-de-force.

It’s an immigrant story. It’s a love story. It’s a life story told in under an hour.

From her first appearance on stage at the tender age of four we follow Marilla Wex’s epic search for true love, spiritual fulfillment and creative success across two continents. It’s about love and loss, marriage and infidelity, immigration, cultural clashes, step-parenting, depression and recovery. The working title for Lost and Found was Three Jews, Two Weddings and a Custody Battle. That pretty much sums it up.

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Lost and Found is a very simple show – a chair, a table, a glass of water and Marilla Wex.

Photo by Devon Youngs

After this performance I am fairly certain that I would pay money to hear Marilla Wex discuss a trip to the dry cleaners. Four shows into his year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, I finally found a show I unabashedly loved. This is really just fabulous, and you should go and see it. Read the full review here

S. Bear Bergman

Senior Writer, Mooney on Theatre

Highly Recommended

Marilla Wex’s one-woman show is a very personal piece of theatre. Sharing painful yet comical details of her past, she opens up about her sexual experiences, acting roles, former lovers and deep depression. Wex, known for her standup chops, is also a great actor, convincingly portraying herself at various ages and maturity levels. Lost and Found is a fearless piece of work delivered by a fearless actor.

Jonathan Logan

Reviewer, Toronto Star

If you do nothing else… go see Marilla Wex in Lost and Found. She made me cry, and not in a rude way.

Maureen Holloway

Radio Host, The Last Word

I cried in public tonight. That’s how much I was moved by Lost and Found! Marilla Wex is a brilliant stand-up comic, but this is the most moving story about life, love, belonging and Canada, brilliantly written and performed by an actress at the top of her game. Get a ticket now. You will love it.

Dominik Diamond

Radio DJ, The Edge

Marilla Wex has raised the bar for the genre of solo theatre. Fiercely personal and smart writing and exceptional performance. RUN to get tickets for her next show.

Daniela Saioni

Film and Television Producer

If you’re already a fan of Wex’s stand-up, get ready to see a whole new side of this very talented and energetic performer. She opens herself up to the audience here as she never has before.

Jeff Cottrill

Theatre Critic

Marilla Wex’s searing blaze of self discovery is a remarkable journey for many reasons, from its flawless performance to its razor sharp wit and exceptional writing.

Annie Bradley

Film and Television Director

A beautiful story of her path from growing up in the UK to eventually live in Toronto. We’re lucky to have her, you’re lucky there’s one more show. Go see it – it’s F’ing awesome.

Zebulon Pike


Tenderness, bitterness, rage, and joy – this is a performance that will stay with me for a long time.

Anne-Marie Klein


You can't argue with those reviews.