marilla_wex_murdoch_mysteries_belly_speakerFor my first tv job in Canada, “Murdoch Mysteries” was a doozy!

I appeared in the episode “Belly Speaker” as Victorian floozy Emmy Paulk whose alcoholic lover is murdered. Her husband (who has a hook for a hand) is a suspect. Another fine example of classy broad acting (see “The Good Times are Killing Me“) using the powers of my mighty chest and with the assistance of a bang-on make-up job (check out the teeth and the hickey – nice).

Yannick Bisson, who plays Detective William Murdoch, was a sweet guy to work with and Farhad Mann, the director, had an amazing technique for coaching the actors – he whispered in our ears before every shot with what he wanted. It was fun and kept me on my toes.

You can watch the episode online here at CityTV’s website. My two scenes (back to back with a short scene in-between) start at around the 21 minute 30 second mark.