Voice Over Coaching

Marilla Wex’s first job straight out of drama school was playing a 14 year old working girl for the BBC Radio 4 Drama Department. The ability to create characters with just her voice is what made her fall in love with the medium. Voice work is truly her first love and she works extensively both within Canada and for clients internationally.

Since building her home studio Marilla’s voice business has grown exponentially and has made a huge difference to her bottom line as a working actor. She hasn’t had a “Joe-job” in years and loves working with companies from all over the world from her basement.

She has worked in virtually every area of voice work: 

  • commercial
  • corporate
  • animation
  • ADR/looping
  • video games
  • audiobooks
  • IVR/telephony/hold messaging
  • documentary
  • explainer videos
  • narration
  • radio

If you’re a professional actor or performer based in Toronto and you’d like to figure out whether doing voice work from home is for you then check out Marilla’s 2 hour workshop – click the button below!


Marilla's studio

Marilla in her studio

I can’t say enough good things about this class — it’s impossible to put a price on Marilla’s wealth of knowledge and depth of experience. If anyone is remotely interested in pursuing voice work from home, this class is a must. Marilla covers all the pros and cons and punches them up with personal anecdotes. You will learn a lot in a short period of time; covered with both professionalism and humour. Be prepared to laugh, and expect to leave informed. What are you waiting for?? Sign up now!!!!

Suzan Mazur

I would absolutely recommend this workshop – All the resources that Marilla leaves you with, as well as all her insight are a steal at the price she charges. Go. You’ll have a great time.

Patrick Creery

Incredibly rewarding. Marilla has years of experience in all forms of voicework and gives you very practical strategies to set up a home studio for any budget and actually get work and make dough.

Ty Kostick

If you need VO coaching of any sort, be it commercial, animation, narrative, or whatever other genre, head to Marilla Wex ASAP. I had multiple animation reads due and not only did she promptly respond, but her coaching was invaluable. Her years of experience and success in the VO and comedy/acting biz makes her a unique find. From my limited time with her, she showed an incredible amount of knowledge of the world in front of the mic and from the director’s chair. If you are in need of any voice coaching or direction, don’t hesitate to contact Marilla Wex!

Isaac Kessler

Marilla Wex was an invaluable help to me when, after 45 years of acting, I decided to branch out into the voiceover world and build my own home studio.  

Her experience and expertise was gold dust – from sound insulation, through to the equipment needed, down to choice of voiceover web hosts – all given with clear and concise opinions and comparisons in each case.  

The added bonus of microphone technique lessons showing the different vocal styles for the many different types of voiceover jobs, was instrumental in my landing my first voiceover job within two weeks, recorded in my brand new recording studio built – with Marilla‚Äôs guidance – under the stairs. 

For actors looking to tap into the rapidly growing international voiceover market, Marilla is your fairy godmother with the magic skillset.

Richard Sheridan Willis

Great workshop that covers everything you need to know to get started in the voice work industry. Marilla draws on her own experiences to provide practical advice on how to set up your own studio, find work and book gigs.

Nile Seguin

A highly informative, no nonsense overview of voice work. Marilla explains exactly what you need to know to figure out whether voice work might suit your ambitions, voice, and lifestyle.

Myles Dobson

This is a fantastic workshop. I had no idea what is available out there in terms of voice work. Marilla gives practical, useful information on how to set up a home studio with what equipment to use, and how to submit auditions without the use of an agent. This is very useful for both union and non union actors.

Liz McEachern

When creating an audiobook became a business priority for me, I turned to Marilla Wex for her expert support. 

She was invaluable both with the production of the book to meet ACX (Audible) technical requirements and with coaching on microphone technique because I chose to be my own narrator.

This project was my first foray into audio book production and the result was important to me personally and professionally. I appreciated Marilla’s finely tuned ear during recording and in the editing and mixing process. Also the way she manages to be patient, painstaking and really efficient all at once.

I’m extremely pleased with both the process and the product and recommend Marilla’s work unreservedly. Her technical expertise, years of experience as a voice over artist, attention to detail, personal warmth and efficient way of working come together to make her the person you want to have on your team.

Darlene Chrissley

Marilla is the one of the most knowledgeable and experienced voice professionals I have encountered. As a coach, her ability to give concise, practical notes is unparalleled and she brings out the best in her clients seemingly with the greatest ease. She is well versed in creating and maintaining simple but effective home studio solutions and her willingness to teach these skills to others speaks to her integrity as a member of the professional community. She also operates her own home studio with the expertise one would expect from one of the big voice houses. I can think of no one better suited to hone the craft of emerging and seasoned voice professionals alike.

Luke Marty