The Beaverton

Marilla Wex is The Beaverton's Foreign Correspondent

The Beaverton’s Foreign Correspondent Marilla Wex delivers the news channeling many years of listening to BBC journalists’ distinctive delivery.

More at home in a war zone than a Tim Horton’s, Marilla’s accent makes everything she says seem way more important than it actually is.

The Beaverton Season 2 premieres Wednesday November 1st

10.30pm on Comedy
Marilla Wex and her fellow cast members of The Beaverton

The Beaverton is the brainchild of co-creators Luke Gordon Field and Jeff Detsky as well as website senior editors Jacob Duarte Spiel and Alexander Saxton. Directors are Henry Sarwer-Foner and Shelagh O’Brien. Pier 21 Film‘s Laszlo Barna and Melissa Wiliamson serve as Executive Producers.

The Beaverton is Canada’s hardest-hitting satire series covering the topics you didn’t know needed covering. A so-called televised adaptation of the immensely popular online satirical site, The Beaverton is a satirical news/variety program that files fake news stories of the upmost importance, informed by real events, the cultural zeitgeist and national news media. Presented by a group of Canada’s top comedians pretending to be reporters, The Beaverton is helmed by co-hosts Miguel Rivas and Emma Hunter and features top news correspondents Aisha Alfa, Donavon Stinson, Laura Cilevitz and Marilla Wex.

With nearly 6 million views in 2016 and averaging more than half a million unique visitors a month, has become a go-to source for Canadian satire. Already known for its shareable content online, has broken some of the decade’s most viral “news stories” including “Most Canadians can’t name all nine provinces” and “Closing of local Time Hortons finally convinces residents their town is horrible”.

The Beaverton: starring Marilla Wex as the Foreign Correspondent

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