Badly Packed Kebab

Badly Packed Kebab was a sketch comedy group born out of frustration and lack of opportunity. A disparate bunch of actors along with an Australian writer and a BBC director got together to make stuff up. The show was named for the punch line of a particularly unsavoury joke. I’ll let you Google it……

We entered our sketches in the BBC Talent Competition and were in the top 10. Encouraged by our success we went ahead and wrote a pilot for a series. Then I emigrated. I hold myself personally responsible for the break-up of the group.

Here are a couple of the sketches with me in them.

Smoking or Non-Smoking, featuring the excellent Bryan Torfeh and the divine Heather Tracy. Directed by the deeply twisted Simon GM Li.

Free-Range Accountants, featuring Bryan Torfeh, Heather Tracy, Emma Bown and Callum Coates. Directed by Simon GM Li.

There’s more on my showreel which features part of a longer sketch from Badly Packed Kebab II.