In June 2010 I auditioned for Marcia Kash for the part of Madge Larrabee, a scam-artist and member of Moriarty’s gang, in a theatrical adaptation of a couple of Conan Doyle’s books: A Scandal in Bohemia and The Final Problem.

I liked Marcia right away – although she’s lived in Canada for many years she still has a very English sensibility and I enjoyed my audition with her thoroughly. I was very pleased when I booked the gig.

It was lovely to be back at The Grand – it was the perfect venue for the show since it’s a Victorian theatre (with its very own ghost) with a lot of history. The crew and the administration team are wonderful.

Playing Madge was a real treat – I got to do four different accents (the one at the end changed every night towards the end of the run to see if Steven Sutcliffe would notice) and working on the revolve was like being in a French farce. It was really fun!

The cast got on very well, as you can see from these pictures (click on the first thumbnail and press Esc at the end of the pictures).

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I loved the show – I only wish jobs at The Grand lasted longer!