Mr. Biffy. I blame Michael Derbecker.

I produced and hosted Storytelling at Caplansky’s for two and a half years and I can honestly say it was the highlight of my month. It was a hugely popular show for Toronto’s storytelling community and attracted both new performers and legends on the scene (like Sandra Shamas) alike. There were an incredibly supportive bunch of regulars and what I’m most proud of is the way the room provided a safe space for both professional and amateur performers to grow.

I began by inviting stand-up friends of mine to perform, with varying results. It’s interesting that great comics do not necessarily make good storytellers and some comedians that I don’t particularly rate are terrific in a different medium.

Although Storytelling at Caplansky’s is no more there is a vibrant scene in Toronto that I very much enjoy being a part of. And it means I can concentrate on writing and telling stories instead of producing the show!


Here’s a piece I wrote for Raconteurs’ All in Your Head show:

The Tale of the Little Princess is a story that I wrote to describe a very painful time in my immediate family’s life. Because the subject matter (a bitter custody battle) was sensitive, I told it as a fairy story. Some tales are too grim to be told plainly. Performed at Storytelling at Caplansky’s Deli in Toronto, 11th November 2012.

The First Time I Saw My Husband is a story that I adapted from a piece I wrote when Wex and I started Storytelling at Caplansky’s Deli in 2011. It describes how I came to meet my husband, author Michael Wex, in the bar of the Cherry Hill Hilton in New Jersey at Klezkamp in 2000. Performed at Tales of…. Firsts at the Rustic Owl in Toronto, 12th November 2012.

Here’s my latest story 3 Things in Moscow which I performed at the fundraiser for the Toronto Slam Poetry Team’s fundraiser on July 30th 2013: