Workin' Moms

Maria Harver runs the Wellness Centre at the beginning of Season 2 of Workin’ MomsFrankie (Juno Rinaldi) gets offered a job but warned that she is no longer allowed to “fraternize” with the guests. This was a super-fun shoot, despite the fact that the part of the scene where Juno watches me roll my t-bands on the floor was cut. My t-bands have never felt so limber.

Fun fact: I was only slated to be in one episode, but the producers decided that Frankie’s storyline needed a bit more to get her out of the Wellness Centre, so I got written into episode 2. Unfortunately I’d already cut all my hair off for Season 2 of The Beaverton so the head of hair had to get me a wig. We were also shooting the scene in episode 2 outside and my own glasses (that I wore) have transitions lenses in them so props had to find a doppleganger pair. I think you’ll agree that everything matched really well for continuity!